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Everett House: Going, Going, Gone!

Expert tips and advice for selling your home in Washington

Before selling your Everett house or other property in Washington, it is important to think about the basics and set out a clear plan of action. The most important part of selling property is choosing a real estate professional. Working with Preview Group will prove to be a valuable decision, but no matter who you choose to work with, it is important to be educated in the selling process.

First Impression.
First of all, the most important part of selling a house is the first impression, so it’s important to make sure that the house really looks it’s best and will feel like home to the buyer. The outside needs to be neat, just like the inside. To improve the curb appeal of your house, consider weeding the garden and trimming bushes and hedges, washing the windows, cleaning up cobwebs in corners and on the outer walls, cutting the grass, and if it’s needed, even consider painting to really make the house inviting. Cleaning the garage will help to make your Everett house look appealing as well.

Preview Group cares about details, and so should you. Dust every surface of your house, oil squeaky doors, clean stained tubs, and get out bad smells. These few things can instantly make an Everett house, condo, or any other real estate property seem clean and neat to a buyer. Shampoo the carpets and clean the curtains to get rid of any odd smells. Scrub the bathrooms, kitchen, and hard floors to pick up any dirt or grime that may be noticed by the buyer. Hang fresh towels, and decorate with a few pieces of neutral decor, such as throw pillows or rugs, to make it easier for the buyer to imagine living in the house. It’s important too to remove clutter such as piles of mail, bills, old magazines, toys, laundry, or dishes to make your house as neat as possible.

Your Agent.
The agents at Preview Group are experts in the field of Everett Washington real estate. Keeping that in mind, it is important to listen to your realtor and to take any suggestions they offer into consideration. They will make your house more marketable as they know what the specific area is like and what sells.

Make it Bright.
Leave the house while buyers are looking at it. It will be easier for them to picture themselves living there if you are not present. Before the presentation, light a scented candle to make your Everett house feel like a home, turn on all the lights, leave all the doors inside the house open, and open all the curtains to make the house feel more open. Now relax. Go out to lunch, get a coffee, visit a friend, and trust that you have done everything possible to make your house someone else's dream home.